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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Mormon Majority

I ran across a blog that raised concerns for children growing up in areas like Utah, Idaho, and Arizona where Mormons tend to be the majority. The concern was that in areas like this Mormon football players or cheerleaders or debaters, etc. seem to get preferential treatment and the non-Mormons feel left out and rejected.

The social aspect of LDS-majority living is complex. On the one hand, most Mormons feel they can trust other Mormons, so they do often receive preferential treatment in areas predominantly populated with them. Follow that by non-members in the media, and local evangelical congregations who constantly complain about and scorn Mormons and you might see why we keep to ourselves.

On the other hand, the Church encourages us to meet with and become friends to non-members (largely to promote missionary work). Most Latter-day Saints you meet will generally be genial, but some are scared that all you'll see is someone looking for a new convert. Often, we just genuinely want a true friend.

Henrietta22 commented, "If these are public schools something should be done about it."

We have all the same insecurities anyone has. We don't want to be isolated either. Believe it or not, Mormons are much more often found in the minority seat in high schools all over the rest of America. We can break down the barriers with honest communicating. This problem will not go away with litigation.

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